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What is Messy Church?

Looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon that is fun and inexpensive?  Messy church is colourful, creative, noisy, yummy (and usually sticky) fun for all the family.

Messy Church has games, refreshments, children’s craft activities, a short and lively celebration, and finally a meal together.

It starts at 3.30pm where we are welcomed into the hall, invited to take a drink of squash or a cup of tea/coffee and play one of the many games laid out.  When everyone has arrived we then make our way upstairs where there are craft tables set out.

After about 40 minutes we are given the two minute warning and it is tools down and back to the centre to sit and show our handicrafts.  The leader then relates a story in a way which everyone understands and we sing one or two songs complete with actions, and then it’s back downstairs for some food.

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Look at the Calendar to find out when the next session takes place.


Feedback from one of our parents:

“I think personally one of the loveliest things about Messy Church is the bringing together of the young and old. It is lovely seeing the children interacting with the older members of the church and I would like to think that it brings something special to all of them. The amount of work and organization that goes on to produce something like this is phenomenal and I am so grateful to all involved.”

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Saturday,  3.30 – 5.30 pm

Sat 27 January
Sat 17 March